never stop learning

I’ve always found it difficult to learn through online education. It can be so boring. Even when the topics are interesting, the lack of visual, audio, and kinetic interaction really dulls down the content. For instance, I took a healing fiction course in university, and despite being enamoured with the course description about alternative therapies, the fact that I was not able to participate in any verbal discussion with my peers and teacher really drained me. Needless to say, I didn’t do so great in the course. A forum cannot compare to the inside of a lecture hall in my opinion.

My point is, when you want to learn something, know what kind of learning type you are. Many people I’ve met are visual learners. Some are audio-visual learners. Some are read-write learners. Some are kinetic learners. Some are a combination of any of these, although one is usually more predominantly one than another. Whatever you are, use it to your advantage and get the best out of your education.

That’s the next tip. Never stop learning.

Let me repeat that.

Never. Stop. Learning.

Just because I work in real estate as an administrative assistant and acting as a delivery girl/tragically underpaid accountant/data entry specialist (if there is such a thing), doesn’t mean I’m not actively networking, taking courses, and reading everything I can about the publishing and editing industry. Right now it’s proofreading. Next semester, I suspect it will be indexing, or maybe substantive editing.

The blogger for This Crazy Industry wrote in herĀ Becoming an Editor entry back in 2005, that there is no one way to become an editor. The same thing has been said by some of my instructors. Editing, writing, and publishing is a calling. You either do it or you don’t. That is, there’s no “I kind of want to do this”; for someone truly passionate about this work, it’s a calling. I feel this my calling. The problem I face is that I might have more than one calling. I’m extraordinarily passionate about writing, editing, fitness, and nutrition. Now I have to try and fit that all into my life somehow. Here’s to learning and getting it all done!

What are your thoughts on learning? How do you best learn and are you a school person or do you prefer to learn through life experience and self-teaching?

Audio? Visual? Kinesthetic? Read-write?

Audio? Visual? Kinetic? Read-write?