I graduated in 2005 from my small town high school with great hopes of becoming a starving artist, or better yet, a famous writer! I figured at least both career prospects could balance each other out and I could have a relatively normal life. My life usually constituted what my career would be, not who I would marry or anything of that sort. I knew my life would also involve moving away to a big city… Toronto was my destination.

In June 2011, I walked away from York University in Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) and a nervous smile on my face. I had great ambition to pursue my dream in writing and editing (and art, somehow), but by then, I also wanted to be involved in fitness. I was both excited and terrified. What if I failed?

This blog is my story of becoming an editor, artist, writer, and fitness instructor. It also includes the unexpected side adventures in real estate, sales, customer service, babysitting, and other unplanned ways that helped me pay the bills and save for a long-desired vacation.

I love writing about fitness, health, nutrition, and alternative wellness. I have edited a mountain of academic papers, garnering very high results for the individual writers. I’m always looking for things to edit as I am quite obsessive about this hobby; yes, I even correct grammar in public signage, poor internet communication, and restaurant menus. I spend around 4-5 hours a day reading; much of it amateur writing (fanfiction usually) that I beta along the way and some professional writing, like published novels.

If you’re looking for an editor or writer, please contact me via email.


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